The project is intended to respond to the growing need of young professionals or trainees - to spend a short working period in another country - to increase one's professional horizon and professional opportunities, in a growing globalised economy and market complexities. The current environment and the economic crises poses new and probably unprecedented threats and challenges to SMPs. We are crossing a very critical historical moment. We ought, as professional accountancy organisations, and as EG in particular, to focus and promote ideas and projects which can support the sustainability and the development of a professional class that can stand to the expectations.  As we know, SMPs can and do provide highly qualified professional services in their local environment. Yet they have a very limited possibilities to interact, liaise or root themselves  also in other countries. Networks do exist among SMPs, but any exchange of personnel, if considered, is strictly limited to that participating members. The basic idea of this project is to provide through the EG members a channel of communication and information about training and experience opportunities in the different countries.


The underlying objectives are:

- to support identification of training opportunities by facilitating the matching of supply and demand (i.e. interested trainees or professionals and practices that are interested and available to host);
- to support the development of a qualified young generation of professional accountants;
- to provide training and working opportunities in other countries, so contributing to internationalisation and cross border activities;
- to enrich the overall competencies and professional knowledge within the practice of origin;
- to develop and consolidate networking and contacts of trainees and SMPs, based on concrete shared working experience;

The training or experience period, at least in this first stage, will not be linked to any formal  recognition or compliance with specific national or international regulations. It would be up to each EG member to consider if the training period or experience can be validated at local level for legal purposes.

Facilitating cross border